Frequently Asked Questions

Are you qualified to operate commercially?

Yes, Above All Else received approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), through our company's Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

NB: ALL companies operating UAV/drones COMMERCIALLY, MUST hold a valid PfCO.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have up to £5 million Public Liability.  We would never have gained our PfCO without insurance.  We are happy to show you our Insurance Certificate for you own peace of mind.

Why do I need to pay a Deposit?

Any job, no matter how small (or large) requires at least 90 minutes of planning, aircraft checks and set-up.  The deposit (which is refundable if your job is cancelled (and can't be re-scheduled) due to inclement weather (rain &/or high winds) will be 35% of the quoted cost of the job.

What happens if it's raining on the day?

We make every effort to conduct the flight on the specified date/time.  Sadly, precipitation (snow, rain, fog) adversely affects the electronics of our aircraft.  Also, winds in excess of 20mph (32km/h) begin to adversely affect the stability of the aircraft, reducing the quality of the images/video.

Can you provide edited photos and video?

Yes, we can.  These are charged as "Optional Extras", details of which can be found on our "Prices" page

How close can the drone get to me?

Legally, we must be at least 30 metres away from anybody (who is not under our control) during take-off and landing.  This distance is increased to 50 metres during flight.

However, we can fly as close as you feel comfortable providing you are "under our control".  To achieve this, we will brief you prior to the flight, making you aware of possible flight hazards and the mitigating steps to take in the unlikely event of an in-flight "problem"

What "permissions" do I need?

Firstly, as part of any package price we quote you, we will undertake to obtain all/any necessary permissions. Above all we are required to obtain the permission of the landowner from who land we will take off and land. We would also notify any of your neighbours of our flight, assuring them that no privacy laws will be violated. We may also obtain permission from landowners whose land we wish to over-fly; Police Scotland (who may receive phone enquiries from concerned local residents); Air Traffic Control (if the flight is to be undertaken within a Air Traffic Control Zone.

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